Saturday, November 22, 2014

Jallikattu One of the Charming Kodai Festivals

Pongal is the most verdant festival of Tamilnadu which is basically a four days celebration to thank sun god, rain god and above all the animals which support the farmers throughout the year in agricultural activities. All the four days are celebrated with pomp and fervor but the fourth day is marked with a brilliant merrymaking event called Jallikattu, which is the best time to visit kodaikanal.

Jallikattu Festival in Kodaikanal
Jallikattu Festival in Kodai

This feast which is the traditional version of bullfight is an adventure at the same time risky feast in which bulls with an attacking mood are controlled by men. A slight negligence on the part of the fighter trying to control angry bull can get attacked and cost his life. Surprisingly the prize money or gold is kept on the horns of the bulls, which is awarded to the fighter if he is successful in controlling the monstrous bull. In the historic time it was twistier than the present events. In those days Jallikattu competition was used as the means of selecting the suitable groom for the most beautiful lady in the town. In spite of the major injuries or even death in some cases is not able to stop the youngsters to take part in this most precarious game in which strong body and great will power are required. The bulls taking part in this event are specially nurtured throughout the year.

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