Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kodai Blessed with Many Surprises for the Visitors

Normally we imagine a picture of a tourist location on the basis of what we hear about it or what is described about the place in various write ups. An image of the destination is created in our minds even before visiting the place. But places like kodaikanal preserve many secrets for the tourists which are only unleashed after reaching the destination.

Mannavanur is a tiny hamlet on the way to Kodai not appearing in the list of tourist hot spots still keeping an identity of its own. A beautiful lake, sprawling farms on the slopes of  mountains and a sheep research centre are the things which makes this city, a must visit place. The journey to Mannavanur is fascinating, since it is covered by mist most of the times. After you start descending down the slopes through the mesmerizing farms you will get stunned by beauty of the surrounding region. And the walkway passing through the patches of dense trees offer a serene atmosphere backed with chirping of birds. Going ahead you will be stunned with exclusive view of the lake located amidst dense jungles. Moving little further you will come across the sheep research centre spread on the widespread meadows. The slopes of mountains are decorated with vegetable farms growing cabbage, potatoes, peas and beans. Like Mannavanur there are many other places tucked near kodai which will prove to be memorable tourist spots.

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