Friday, March 21, 2014

Flora and Fauna Museum a Prime Attraction of Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal a picturesque hill station of South India is cuddled on the summits of tranquil Palani hills which are adorned with flashing waterfalls, romantic hills, fruit orchids, sprawling meadows and forests. Tourists arriving here with lots of expectations about this hill station enjoy their stay in a totally appealing surrounding and some of the unique experiences of this region.

Tour of South Indian destinations will be incomplete without visiting this energetic hill station having a long list of attractions, events and festive celebrations observed throughout the year. Kodai has number of tourist attractions like Berijam Lake, Bryant Park, Kodai Lake, Coakers walk, Guna caves and Shenbaganur museum. This museum also popular as flora and fauna museum, was built in the year 1895 and displays many specimens of flora and fauna. It is a must visit tourist destination of Kodaikanal, which is located inside the city showcasing rare examples of South Indian architecture. There is a huge collection of various types of flowers as well as different preserved bird types, which surprises every visitor to this museum.  
Visit to this museum will be entertaining as well as educational adding a great deal to your knowledge of flora and fauna of this region. Some of the ancient varieties are preserved in the form of fossils. Other place to visit here is the Orchidarium having around three hundred species of beautiful orchid. The museum is located at just five km from the popular Kodai Lake and keeps a good collection of burial urns and tools from the Palivams era. They are supposed to be original inhabitants of the palani hills. Major contribution to this museum was given by Ugarthem a Spanish father.

kodai lake one of the central attraction of Kodaikanal located in the heart of the town is nestled amidst lush green hills of Palani ranges, where tourists can enjoy boating in the serene water of this lake. Many hotels and resorts near Kodai Lake provide splendid accommodations for the visitors. United-21 resort in Kodaikanal provides a comfortable stay amidst natural beauty of Kodai and a service with a professional touch.

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