Saturday, February 15, 2014

Natyanjali Festival A Feast of Exclusive Dance Performances

Natyanjali festival celebrated every year during the month of February-March is the best attraction of the valley. Kodai is shimmering with the nonstop feast of dance and entertainment for four days starting on the benign day of Mahashivaratri dedicated to shiva the god with snake around his neck and Ganga emerging out from his long hair Jatas.  Lord Shiva is worshipped on these days for getting his blessings.

This popular hill station attracted many people like missionaries, British administration officers and people from many other Indian states. This already romantic place became more interesting because of its mixed culture where each community contributed its best to make this place a blooming destination filled with fairs and festivals. Lord Shiva the most powerful deity of the Hindus popularly called Nataraja is the supreme deity of classical dances. Obviously Natyanjali festival is nothing but a purely dance festival transforming this city into a huge platform of various dance forms.

The dance bonanza inaugurated on mahashivaratri attracts dancers from many corners of the country who specially visit kodai for paying tribute to Nataraja the master of dances by participating in this awesome festival. If you are visiting this hill station during February-March then you can witness the charm of this festival and it is the right time when many dance forms can be witnessed under the umbrella of this unique festival. Since this region has still preserved its ancient tribal life obviously the tribal dances remains the topmost attraction of the Natyanjali dance festival in Kodaikanal dance festival called. The fun and entertainment involved in this dance festival is doubled by the exclusive backdrop of the hills and valleys.

While planning your vacation at this scenic destination festival time is the right time but you will have to book your accommodation prior your visit. There are plenty of options for staying at this natures abode. United-21 resort in Kodaikanal is one of the options open for tourists ranging from families, large groups up to the just married couples coming here for a undisturbed stay in the lap of nature.

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