Friday, January 24, 2014

The Zestful Republic Day Celebrations Of Kodaikanal

Republic Day is one of the biggest days in the Indian calendar, and also the most awaited one in the country. As it is an official public holiday in India, its people get a chance to celebrate the occasion in their own special manner. A grand parade is held in New Delhi on this day, every year. Regiments of the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force participate in this parade, marching along the Vijaypath. The Republic Day celebrations in India can be witnessed in every corner of the country, with public functions and other events being organized in various towns, villages and cities, across the states.

Republic Day Celebrations in Kodaikanal
Educational institutions, government organizations and private establishments across all regions of India celebrate this day with great enthusiasm. These Republic Day celebrations are an amazing mix of nationalist sentiments and entertaining programmes. This is the day when constitution of India came into force, after it was adopted on 26th of January, 1950, with a democratic system of government. Even in the most serene places like Kodaikanal, streets come alive with children dressed in their uniforms, marching along in large numbers. The Republic Day celebrations in Kodaikanal are enjoyed by both tourists and the local population. Sweets are distributed among people, while flag-hoisting ceremonies can be witnessed at many places.

Tourists visiting the state of Tamil Nadu in late January, would get to be a part of celebrations that are held in its various parts during Republic Day. The Repulic Day in Tamil Nadu is very special for its people, and celebrated in a grand way with some amazing festivities. As Kodaikanal is one of the popular tourist destinations of the country, there are many hotels and resorts in kodaikanal that offer comfortable accommodations. The 26 January Republic Day events are also organized in many of them.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Celebrate Harvest Season With Pongal Festival

A four-day festival celebrated in the state of Tamil Nadu, Pongal is one of the most important festive seasons for Tamilians. It usually falls on the 14th or 15th of January, and welcomes the harvest season. The Pongal festival is also considered to be the month of weddings; as traditions suggest that family occasions like weddings, that are very expensive, can be conducted efficiently from the riches gained from a good harvest. The festival of Pongal is also a time for thanksgiving, when people thank Lord Indra for blessing them with the abundance of harvest.
pongal festival in kodaikanal
First day of this festival honours Lord Indra, and is known as 'Bhogi'. A bonfire called 'Bhogi Mantalu' is prepared on this day, using household articles that are no longer in use. Girls dance around this bonfire, singing songs in the honour of Gods, the spring and harvest seasons. Rituals related to Pongal are also observed in Kodaikanal, a famous holiday spot in Tamil Nadu. The second day of Pongal in Kodaikanal is celebrated by boiling rice in milk, with a turmeric plant being tied around the pot. Coconuts and bananas are also included in the offerings with two sticks of sugarcane in the background. The Surya Pongal Kodaikanal residents celebrate, also includes a 'Puja' which is characterized by a traditional design traced in white lime powder.
The third day of Pongal is dedicated to the cows, as they are garlanded with flowers, sheaves of corn, multi-coloured beads and tinkling bells. They are then worshipped during a ritual called 'Arati', which is performed to ward off the evil. Fourth day of Pongal celebration in Kodaikanal is known as 'Kannum Pongal'. On this day, women in the households perform Arati for the prosperity of their brothers. Some of the best resorts in Kodaikanal also celebrate Pongal by offering special delicacies for their guests.

Tea and Tourism Festival in Kodaikanal

Kodaikanals culture is a great mix of tribal background and impact of British as well as American culture, which was inherited by the missionaries who arrived here in historic times. Beauty of this region was noticed by these foreigners, who offered a large share in the development of Kodaikanal turning it into an exclusive summer retreat and romantic tourist destination. Beauty of kodai is no doubt hidden in its natural wealth and attraction of the destination is centered on its festivals as well as events organized and celebrated through out the year like tea and tourism festival.

Religious festivals of Kodaikanal like pongal, Chitirai and Natyanjali are dominated by the influence of majority Tamil population. Where as summer festival, as well as Tea and tourism festival Kodaikanal are popular in many countries outside India. Kodai being a famous summer retreat and an escape from the heat of the plains summer festival is specially meant for those who come here to enjoy the exclusive weather of this region. The festival started during the British era is still celebrated with same enthusiasm in the month of May. You have many options of celebrations like flower exhibitions, fruit show as well as boat races. Tea and tourism festival Tamil Nadu prompts influx of large number of tourists from many countries to this place, which is tucked beautifully on the Palani hills. This three day festival which is organized by the tourism department of Tamilnadu, displays large variety of tea, which is produced in the vicinity of Kodaikanal. Many tour operators take this opportunity and bring groups of tourists to this place in the month of January. The fun of the Tea and Tourism festival kodai is doubled by various cultural programs and most popular South Indian cuisines.

Once you are in Kodai there is no scarcity of places to stay. The accommodations range from traditional private villa accommodations to some of the most modern budget hotels and resorts. United-21 resort in Kodaikanal offers luxury stay at kodai during this festival time at affordable rates.