Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pillar Rocks in Kodaikanal

Pillar rocks in Kodaikanal are one of the many attractions of this tourist place, which is the most popular hill station in Tamilnadu district. Kodaikanal the wonderful destination resting on a plateau of the Palani hills offers a plethora of sightseeing opportunities for the visitors coming here from distant places.
Pillar Rocks in Kodaikanal
One of the most glamourous locations in here is the kodaikanal pillar rocks, which are huge granite rocks standing vertically as if three sages are standing in trans, in a shoulder to shoulder position. Just imagine the size of these rocks which are around four hundred feet tall. The cave like gaps between these three boulders is known as Devil’s kitchen, due to its location on a great height and difficulty in accessing them. Located at a distance of just eight km from the lake tower visitors can get a panoramic view of the surrounding region from these pillar rocks. This place has become a best picnic spot to relax and have fun. The rocks are neighbored by a beautiful garden, which is adorned with classic and colorful blooming flowers. These rocks site located at just eight km from the bus stand can be reached easily. Kodaikanal pillar rocks photos, will give you an idea of how they look from a distance. The location of kodaikanal pillar rocks and the Guna cave is so scenic that it was used to for shooting some of the popular Tamil films.
Kodaikanal Pillar rocks
Kodaikanal is abundant in mesmerizing sight seeing places and comfortable accommodations near them. There are many popular hotels located near pillar rocks, which can be booked online before reaching Kodaikanal. United-21 resort Kodaikanal is one such best resorts near pillar rocks offering you the real pleasure of top of the world experience.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Palani Hills the Pride of Tamilnadu

India is blessed with many mountains as well as hill ranges which are spread across its borders and its different states. Indian state of Tamilnadu is blessed with one of the extensive hill ranges called Palani hills, which is an extension of the Western Ghats. The highest elevation of the hill ranges is supposed to be around five thousand to eight thousand feet. The popular shrines of Lord Karthikeyan also known as Murugan are tucked on these hill ranges.

palani hills

Palani hill in Tamilnadu date back to prehistoric period and is composed of variety of rocks and are covered by a dense green forest cover. The hill ranges attract hordes of tourists to some of the exclusive tourist spots nestled on and around the hills. The hills are a paradise for birdwatchers, who arrive here for watching many rare and fascinating bird species. Kodaikanal in Palani hills is the incredible hill resort of Tamilnadu, which is located at the center of these hill ranges. Climate of the region keeps on changing with changing altitudes and is supposed to be most refreshing and rejuvenating throughout the year. Palani hill temple located at Pazhani is one of the most revered temples of Murugan in this region. Pazhani is around one hundred km southeast of Coimbatore and is equidistant from Madurai which is one of the major cities of the state. The hills are adorned with ever green shola forests, which are supposed to be the best sources of water and a nice cover of green vegetation which nurtures exclusive bird life in the region.

palani hill in kodaikanal

Palani hills having a strategic tourist location, enveloping some of the most popular tourist destinations of South India are attracting large number of tourists to this region. Hotels near palani hills concentrated near popular tourist spots like temples, dams and waterfalls. Other convenient means of staying in this region are the well managed resorts.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Diwali Wish from United-21 Resort, Kodaikanal

This Diwali Day,
The Good Will Rise Over The Evil.
It Will Bring A Million Lights Of Joy
And Happiness To Us,
Reaching And Illuminating Every Life,
Spreading Peace And Happiness Around Us.
Heartiest Wishes For A Wonderful Diwali Day!!
United-21 Resort, Kodaikanal