Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Experience the Charm of Kodaikanal Monsoon

Tour of a hill station and that too in Monsoon season seems to be a strange idea, but if the hill station in this context is Kodaikanal then one can think over the idea for a while. Most of the times you will receive advice of avoiding a visit in this season, but if you ignore the advices and reach during Kodaikanal in monsoon then you will not blame yourselves for being at this destination during rains. Kodaikanal tourist places promise an everlasting pleasure during monsoon.

Monsoon of Kodai is not that harsh or you can say it drizzles but not continuously. Kodai has dozens of scenic places but most fascinating places to visit in Kodaikanal during monsoon are the flashing waterfalls, which are oozing out of the mountains as if a milky cloud is jumping down from the heights. Among the popular waterfalls in kodaikanal are Bear Shola, Thalayar and Silver cascade offer scenic beauty especially during monsoon season in kodaikanal. Silver cascade just eight km from the city jumping down from a height of one thousand eight hundred meters looks awesome during monsoon, since flow of water coming from Kodai Lake is enormous during this time. Bear Shola falls a beauty just two km from the bus stand is renowned as the best picnic spot and has to be reached through a hilly terrain. Thalayar falls is the most gigantic among these three. The beauty of these falls is escalated by the carpets of greenery at the backdrop of the falls. Kodai Lake the pride of Palani hills looks like a newly wed bride after the first downpour in the region. Kodaikanal monsoon season is best for those who like to explore nature at its best.

Rainy season in kodaikanal is really enjoyable and Kodaikanal monsoon packages offer a real chance to absorb pleasure of the drizzles in Kodai at one of the gushing waterfalls or on the mountain tops from where you can view the green slopes and the undulating mountain ranges, which are dampened by the rains. Monsoon time in kodaikanal is the right time for the couples to experience alluring nature at the high altitudes. Our resort in Kodaikanal offering you the real fun during monsoon season.

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