Friday, April 19, 2013

Must Visit Attraction Devils Kitchen Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal located in the Dindigul district is the most popular hill station of Tamilnadu.  The beauty of this place is involved in its name itself which means gift of forests. This beauty of the Palani hills is gifted with picturesque landscapes, serene lakes, parks and scenic waterfalls. Devil's Kitchen sandwiched between Green Valley and Pillar Rocks is one of the most popular attractions of this destination. It is the best place to explore and take pictures of the surrounding beauty of the region.

devils kitchen at kodaikanal
Devil's Kitchen an invitation to the adventure lovers is a subterranean narrow valley which resemblance a small dark trench but it is a deep fall in reality. Rock formations are seen to be formed due to wearing of the fertile soil from the cliffs. Just trek little on the nearby hills and you will be totally amazed by the scenic views of around one thousand feet deep valleys, which just look awesome. There is a chance to view some of the exotic wild life of the region in the form of rare animals and exclusive birds. This spot popularly called "Guna Caves" has become one of the most favoured attractions amongst tourists. This name of Guna Caves was acquired when the local film makers used this spot to shoot a few scenes for their film. In order to reach this location take a turn from pillar rocks at the road this is leading to Berijam Lake. Pillar rocks are nothing but huge boulders standing near each other.  A small walk passing through the beautiful pine forest will take you to the Devils Kitchen in Kodaikanal. Since this trek is a more adventurous one taking local guides along with you is really advisable and it will reduce the risk of getting lost in the difficult terrain. Best time to visit Devil’s Kitchen and Kodaikanal is from April to June and August to September. This is when the weather is at its best, unlike the months from October to March which are wet and cold.

devils kitchen in kodaikanal

Kodaikanal offers every means of joy, entertainment and a soothing location to get relaxed and refreshed. Hotels and resorts of Kodaikanal offer the visitors a enjoying a luxurious stay at this enchanting paradise of Tamilnadu. These hotels as well as resorts are spread beautifully near and around the major attractions of this destination. In order to enjoy tranquillity of Kodai you can drop in at our hotel United-21 Resort, Kodaikanal for enjoying top of the hill experience. Our resort is an idyllic escape from the scorching sun and the heat of the Plains.

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