Thursday, March 21, 2013

Silver Cascade Falls the Serene Beauty of Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is the beautiful hill station of southern India encompassed in the upper Palani hills neighboring the valleys of Gundar and Parappar. It is adorned with a serene man made lake in the heart of the city, covering a circular area of around five km. The beauty of Kodaikanal is augmented with the splendid meadows and grasslands, which is supposed to be the identity of this hill station. Among the many captivating attractions of this hill destination Silver Cascade Falls attract both the leisure and the adventure tourists. Kodaikanal can be accessed from the nearest railheads at Kodai Road and Palani railway station which are the entry points to the exclusive Kodai town. Madurai and Coimbatore are the nearest airports to this hill station. It can also be accessed by road from Theni, Dindigul, Bangalore, Kumili and Coimbatore.
Kodaikanal Silver Cascade Park

Kodai Lake located at the center of the city is a manmade lake converted from a marshy area, offering exclusive views of the surroundings. The excess water of this lake takes a turn and jumps over a vertical cliff near the Ghat road which is popular as Silver cascade falls. Silver Cascade waterfalls the secret and prime attraction of Kodaikanal is revealed to the tourists while coming from Madurai to Kodaikanal. This beautiful collection of scenic falls is located just eight km from the city. Most of the vehicles passing through this point take a halt at this location to catch some exclusive views of the surroundings.
The view of the crystal clear water rolling down from a height of around two hundred feet down the slopes sidelined by piles of huge rocks, offers a mesmerizing experience to the visitors. Silver cascade preserves its identity with the cleanliness of its water, which is supposed to be rich in minerals and taking a bath in these falls offers a rejuvenating experience. With the rising popularity of these falls many kodaikanal resorts and hotels have shifted near these waterfalls.
While visiting this splendid hill station of Tamilnadu you can take shelter in one of the accommodation types available in and around Kodaikanal. We provide spacious well furnished luxury accommodations at our United-21 budget Resort in Kodaikanal. These rooms are adorned with all modern facilities and amenities to make your stay more comfortable and memorable.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Splendor of Kodaikanal is Concealed in its Beautiful Valleys

Kodaikanal the most picturesque and well known hill station of Tamil Nadu state displays great combination of mountains and valleys. The woods, rocks, creeks, stretches of forests and the grasslands make a perfect blend of nature’s offerings to this most travelled tourist destination of Tamilnadu.

Green Valley View

Kodaikanal filled with treasures of nature and spectacular views of the Palani hills is a delight of honeymoon couple’s. The dense forests of this region, wooded slopes and green pastures of Kodai where flock of sheep can be seen grazing comfortably is nothing but a travelers delight. Kodai’s vicinity is full of aroma of the herbs and various trees in the jungles. Two major valleys the Green Valley view and Silent valley view are dream places of the couples. Get immersed in beauty of Kodaikanal by visiting Green Valley view around six km from Kodaikanal Lake near Golf club and the pillar rocks. It is located at a great height of five thousand feet. View of the deep valley covered with a shawl of different shades of green offers a mesmerizing view to the visitors. Wait for some time if the place is foggy, so that you get a clear view of the Vaigal Dam surrounded by rich flora and fauna. There are plenty of monkeys in this region providing entertainment to children. The other valley called silent valley located near pillar rocks is located on Berijam lake road which offers soothing views of the wide spread valley. The bird’s eye view of this valley is really inspiring and if you are a potential artist then you can surely frame beauty of these valleys on your canvas. Early mornings and late evenings is the best time to absorb the glamour of this region.

Silent Valley View

Natural wonders of Kodai in the form of valleys, lakes and parks attract people from all corners of the world. These tourists have a wide range to select from the Kodaikanal resorts and hotels. Our United-21 resort in Kodaikanal, located on the tip of a hillock will offer you a perfect opportunity to get the best out of this hill station with all in house modern facilities to enjoy.