Thursday, January 31, 2013

Resort in Kodaikanal near Bear Shola Falls

Kodaikanal the fascinating South Indian hill station beautifully set amidst Palani hill ranges of Tamilnadu, has many treasures of natural wonders like incredible waterfalls, cascades, kurinji flower and hill slopes covered with lush greenery. Salubrious climate of Kodai puts it on the top of the list of Indian honeymoon destinations. Bear Shola falls is the most exotic attraction of this destination. This popular tourist spot is just two km from the city center with Kodaikanal resort located near it.

resort in kodaikanal

Kodaikanal tourism is adorned with the incredible waterfalls which offer intrinsic views and are more favored by the tourists to spend a day at the foot of the hills. Kodaikanal hotels and resorts offer a grooving experience of providing a mix of modern amenities and a traditional treat. Resort in Kodaikanal near the lake is always bustled with tourists. There are many falls running down the slope of the hills like Silver cascade, Pambar Falls, Thalaiyar Falls and Bear Shola falls. Bear Shola falls is more popular and offers incredible distant views. Once this ideal picnic spot of Kodai was abundant in dense forests and it is said that bears from these forests used to come down to drink water from the falls and hence the falls were christened as Bear Shola.

Shola in local language means forest. The spot is in proximity of the kodai lake and bus stand. It is advisable to visit the Bear Shola falls in monsoon months when the water is gushing down the hill slopes with a driving force. The falls can be reached by going past Kodai Lake and strolling down the road at the right which will take you to the world of many streams and falls varying in size but offering identical pleasure. Since Bear Shoal falls is the outcome of water overflowing from the Kodai Lake it is clear and cool. This region looks charming in the rainy season with the surrounding landscapes decorated with diverse shades of greenery.

kodaikanal resorts

There are many hotels and resorts in the vicinity of the Bear Shola falls offering various options of accommodations and entertainment. Many star hotels near the falls offer innumerous options of a Luxurious stay while visiting Kodaikanal. Honeymoon couples prefer this hills station and Kodaikanal resorts, since they provide total privacy to these couples.

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