Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kurinji Andavar Murugan temple at Kodaikanal

Kurinji Andavar Murugan temple
at Kodaikanal

Ancient temples are treasures of culture and Indian architecture. Most of the south Indian states including Tamilnadu, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh have lots of historic temples telling us stories of the by gone era. Kurinji Andavar temple at Kodaikanal is one best example of important temples of south. Name of the temple comes from a very special flower called Kurinji, which keeps a speciality of blossoming once in twelve years. The name of this temple is highlighted in the list of Kodaikanal tourist places.

Last blossom of these beautiful flowers was in 2006, so naturally next will be witnessed on 2018. These flowers are found only on slopes of kodaikanal hills and when they blossom this place looks nothing less than a paradise. Surprisingly this temple was built by a European lady in the year 1936. She built this temple out of faith and love for Hindu religion. Muruga or lord Murugan is the deity of this temple. Lord Muruga is generally referred to as “God of Hill” who prefers to stay on the hilltops. This can be observed from the fact that Kurinji in Tamil language means hill region and Andavar means god. So accordingly lord Murugan at this temple is titled god of the hills.  Kodaikanal the hill station with its salubrious climate and incredible sightseeing opportunities is the best destination for couples as well as family tours.
Kurinji Flowers at Kodaikanal

This temple is one of the popular places to visit in Kodaikanal, located just three km from kodaikanal Lake. It is supposed to be an important religious place and visited by devotees as well as tourists coming to Kodai. This lake is one of the most popular Kodaikanal attractions. Every year during month of May summer festival is organised at this temple, which brings hoards of devotees and tourists coming to take blessings of the Lord. Festival time is the best for planning Kodaikanal holidays. Along with religious importance and influx of devotees, Kurunji Andavar temple attracts tourists with incredible sight seeing attractions. The hilltop presents mesmerising scenes of surrounding Vaigai dam and Palani hills and is a must visit Kodaikanal sightseeing place.   

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